1984 - III WARNING :


1984 - III WARNING :


(RCA PL70564 - LP / MC)

(BRC 1941 - LP - Banzai / BRC4 1941 - cassette - Banzai)


Side A:


2. CRUCIFIED (4:27)

3. RUNNER (4:14)

4. ROCK'N' ROLL WIDOW (4:40)


Side B:

5. SAMURAI (4:10)

6. BORN OUT OF TIME (5:07)

7. TOO BAD TO BE TRUE (3:45)

8. TOTAL METAL (2:00)



(Bonus track - only on the Banzai Records pressings)



All titles composed by Jay C. Blade.


Produced by The Boss.

Recording engineer : Seppo "F.A." Johansson.

Recorded at Electra Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.

Mixing Engineer : Hakan Wollgard.

Mixed at Sonet Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.


Ape De Martini - Lead Vocals

Jay C. Blade - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Mark Ruffneck - Drums & Percussion

Speedy Foxx - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Spooky Wolff - Lead & Rhythm Guitars


+ Special Guest:

Shadow - Black Noise & Gong






Metal Forces No. 9 (1984)


III Warning

(Combat Records – MX 8013)


RATING: 7 of 10


            The Swedish metal mongers are back with their latest offering. “III Warning” sees the band in typical form with each track delivered in a hard, fast ‘n’ furious manner, guaranteed to get the blood boiling and the heads banging.

            The catchy ‘Crucified’, the hard grinding metal of ‘Too Bad To Be True’ and ‘Born Out Of Time’ are probably the best tracks, but the remaining five numbers still manage to deliver the goods without exactly setting the world alight in terms of class. And not a ballad in sight.




Re-mastered LOW QUALITY MONO-version available as download from iTunes. (Probably a mastering error. Beware of shitty quality !!!)


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