2012-05-24 Thursday


The awesome Burning Leather-album was released on the 18th of November last year on AFM-records.

The Japanese edition from Spiritual Beast contains 2 bonus tracks: Signs From The Dead and The Show Must Go On.

A limited edition vinyl LP-version was later released by Metalizer Records on the 2nd of March this year.


And the two bonus tracks from the Japanese release are now available as a limited edition vinyl single entitled The Show Must Go On, also released by Metalizer Records.



There's been some changes to the line-up since the come-back. Here's the current touring line-up:
Ape De Martini – Vocals
Jay C. Blade – Bass, Vocals
Mark Ruffneck – Drums
Michel Santunione – Guitar
John Berg - Guitar
Stand-in for Jay C. Blade : Johannes Sandberg – Bass



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Burning Leather-album added to Discography


Lyrics-section updated with some new stuff.


2011-06-01 Wednesday



* June 4 : 'Muskelrock', Alvesta, Sweden.

* June 9 : 'Sweden Rock Festival', Sölvesborg, Sweden.

* August 12 : 'Lillehammer Rock Festival', Birkebeiner Stadion, Norway.

* August 12 or 13 : 'Jalometalli Festival', Oulu, Finland.

* September 10 : 'Swordbrothers Festival', Germany.





Discography-section updated with Dominator-promo CD and inner sleeves from the first pressing of OZ 1982 debut LP.


Videos-section updated with Dominator promo video.


2011-02-03 Thursday



OZ will soon be releasing a promo CD containing the new song 'Dominator', a re-recorded version of the song 'Fire In The Brain' (Take 2) and the video for 'Dominator' (directed and produced by Amir Chamdin & Johan Bååth).

The full length 'Greatezt Blitz' -album is still in the works and is intended to be released sometime later this year.



Photos-section updated with some new photos of the reunited OZ line-up with the 2 new guitarists - Costello & Petander.

(Photos by Soile Siirtola / ozofficial.com)


2010-09-23 Thursday



The reunited OZ-band are currently in the process of recording their new album at Park studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Present in the studio is also Nicke Andersson (ex Entombed & Hellacopters) operating as producer. The album has been designated with the working title 'Greatezt Blitz' and is rumoured to contain both new songs and re-recordings of old OZ classics. Some of the songs included are 'Dominator', 'Seasons in the Dark' and 'Signs from the Dead'. A music video to support the album is also in the making.

The new band line-up consists of 2 new guitarists: Costello Hautamäki and Markku Petander, along with the classic trio of Ape De Martini (Tapani Hämäläinen), Jay C. Blade (Jukka Lewis) and Mark Ruffneck (Pekka Mark). Costello Hautamäki is previously known from Hanoi Rocks' 2002-period (Twelve Shots on the Rocks-album) and from voluminous albums and tours with the Finnish band Popeda. Markku Petander is also a former member of Popeda, as well as , which also happens to be Jay C. Blade's other band besides his solo albums and OZ.


OZ 2010 LINE-UP :

Ape De Martini (Tapani Hämäläinen) - Lead Vocals
Jay C. Blade (Jukka Lewis) - Bass guitar, Vocals
Mark Ruffneck (Pekka Mark) - Drums
Markku Petander - Guitar

Costello Hautamäki - Guitar


Interviews-section updated with LORDS OF METAL E-zine - Issue 103: May 2010 interview with Mark Ruffneck (a.k.a. Pekka Mark) by Koen of www.lordsofmetal.nl/


Three new photos (1986 Stockholm & two pic's from the 'Roll the Dice'-era) in the Photos-section.


2010-02-24 Wednesday




I received an e-mail with the fantastic news from OZ-drummer Mark Ruffneck.

Ape De Martini, Jay C. Blade & Mark Ruffneck have re-united OZ.

They will start recording a new album in May and are planning to release it in November this year.


Their official website can be found at www.ozofficial.com

and their official myspace-site at www.myspace.com/ozofficial


link to official OZ website      link to official OZ myspace


2010-02-23 Tuesday


The long awaited remastered versions of the III Warning and Decibel Storm-albums have been released as downloads on iTunes, along with the first OZ album and the Turn the cross...-single. So, now the complete OZ back catalogue is available for download through iTunes.


These remastered versions sound great, EXCEPT for the sound quality on the III Warning-album - it is worse than before. It's now suddenly in mono, so unfortunately only one side of the stereo field is fully audible. It's probably a mastering error, so hopefully the record company will fix that one day, but most likely it is not going to happen, because OZ are no longer associated with that record company in any way (not since 1991).


The Fire in the Brain-album and the Roll The Dice-album are also available on iTunes in their usual non-remastered, but excellent classic quality.


2010-02-23 Tuesday

The OZ Discography-section has been updated with the various artists compilations "Metal Hammer Vol. II" & "+Heavy Vol. 4".


2009-09-22 Tuesday

The Press clips-section has been updated with an interview from the Finnish Soundi Magazine issue # 12 - 1986.

Many thanks to Pekka Pesonen for finding that one.


There are also 2 album reviews (III Warning & Decibel Storm) in the Discography-section now.

Many thanks to Jose Mijares for sending me those.


If anyone can find any more OZ-stuff out there - please contact me by clicking here: .


2009-08-01 Saturday

Cartago have posted a new song with Ape De Martini on vocals on their myspace-site (www.myspace.com/cartagotheband),

so finally we get to hear something new from the legendary OZ-vocalist.


There is now an English translation of the "OKEJ # 1 - 1984 Press clip" in the Interviews-section.


The Press clips-section has been updated with a new 2-page Interview (in Finnish) with Mark Ruffneck & Jay C. Blade from the Finnish Hard Rock Magazine INFERNO # 59 - 2008 (www.inferno.fi/)


Discography-page updated with "3-song demo" (The final recordings of the classic lineup) and also Power of Metal Hammer - a various artists compilation album from 1986 that includes 1 OZ-song.


Sweden Rock Magazine recently published a short article about OZ in their issue # 62 - 2009, along with 2 pages of photos of the OZ-band in Stockholm during a gig at a place called Glädjehuset on the 13th of June 1984. They also recommended thirdwarning.com to those who want to know more about OZ. The particular issue might still be available from www.swedenrockmagazine.com/


Jay C. Blade released his second solo album entitled Beat the elite on the 24th of June 2009.

Check out his official website: www.manhattanfiles.net/.


2009-02-02 Monday

The Photos-section has been updated with a picture of "Scandinavian metal attack 84"-tour poster, signed by all five members of the classic line-up.


The Press clips-section has been updated with a Swedish article about OZ from OKEJ-magazine # 1 - 1984.


The videos-section contains a new video clip of OZ live in Stockholm, Sweden in 1983 performing the song FREE ME, LEAVE ME. Check out the insane amount of theatrical smoke, the fire extinguisher, the twisting of a microphone stand and how they hack Spooky Wolff's guitar to pieces with the huge knife that later made it onto the front cover of the III Warning LP.


Jay C. Blade (or Jay Lewis as he prefers to call himself nowadays) released a solo album entitled Manhattan files in 2007.

So, you might be interested in checking out his official website for sound clips, photos, lyrics, interview, etc....


2008-06-20 Friday

The Photos-section has been updated with some pictures of Jay C. Blade participating in Swedish Metal Aid in 1985.


2007-12-22 Saturday

The Photos-section has been updated with some new photos and info.

Big thanks to Mikko Mattila of Isten Fanzine for the two Jay C. Blade live photos from 2007 with Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner at the HimosAreena in Jämsä, Finland.


The "Speedy Foxx/Spooky Wolff, which of them is which"-mystery has been solved. The blonde guy is Speedy Foxx and the dark-haired guy is Spooky Wolff.


Ape De Martini goes by the name of Tapani nowadays, and is the lead singer of Cartago. http://www.cartago.se/.

A list of their upcoming gigs can be found at http://www.myspace.com/cartagotheband (No, that's not Ape De Martini singing on those 2 songs that are currently up on their MySpace-site, that's their previous singer.)


2007-07-13 Friday

Interviews-page updated with Isten Fanzine's interview with Jay C. Blade from November 2002.

Big thanks to Isten Fanzine.

Check out Isten's Guide to 20th Century Finnish Hard Rock & Heavy Metal.


2007-07-07 Saturday

As one of the press clips reveal (the hard rock café-clip),-the band had plans for releasing an album named Marshall Law. That might have been a working title for the Decibel Storm album, but maybe not. So, if you've got any info about that - please contact me .


2007-07-07 Saturday

This website is up and running now. Please contact me if you find any inaccuracies .

I'm unsure about which is which of the 2 guitarists; Spooky Wolff and Speedy Foxx in the so called classic line-up.

I just took a guess there when placing the names under the pictures, so if you know who is who of the two - let me know.


The lyrics page is incomplete and will probably remain so. Since only 2 of all the OZ albums came with printed lyrics, it's hard to make out the lyrics to full songs.


If you've got any more info, pictures, videos, bootlegs, ....anything - please contact me .